AVC studio was the first studio in Croatia that was able to combine cutting edge digital technology with audio postproduction. Our goal is to maintain that position and stay the first.


Our employees are highly skilled, educated and experienced technicians. They can do anything, in a matter of seconds. Miracles take minutes - all you need to do is express your wishes.


The AVC Studio, aka - Digital Magic, can boast of many references that can be categorised into sound production and postproduction for feature film, documentary and animated movies, as well as TV and radio ads and jingles. We are the only studio with its own technical staff that is able to do both acting and dubbing for cartoon characters, as well as VO for ads. Beside the full audio processing (including the forensic sound-cleansing, which we pioneered in Croatia), we deal with picture processing and animation, as well. We can also provide you with a copywriter and scripts. Several awards won on both domestic and international advertising festivals verify the quality of our ads. Our knowledge and experience is often shared with others, in the form of technical support for radio & TV stations, studios and advertising agencies, from within of our mother company - AVC. A form of classic know-how is possible as well.

Excerpts from the media

"Can Renata Sopek be a worthy substitute for the famous american blonde actress Farrah Fawcett? In the world of cartoons, she surely can. - I adore cartoons, and Johnny Bravo is one of my favourite and funniest ones, so the invitation to "pretend" to be Miss Sopek, or myself, was a real pleasure! (...) Johnny Bravo, casted by Zlatan Zuhrić, is an inhabitant of the sunny city of Aron, and is head over heels in love with himself and his work, as well as with every girl that's near him. (...) Beside the above mentioned, Renata Sopek and Zlatan Zuhrić, the cast of Johnny Bravo The Cartoon includes: Žana Lončarić, Jadranka Krajina, Kruno Klabučar, Danijel Radečić, Sanja Hrenar, Bojan Kondres..."

Slobodna Dalmacija, February 2, 2005

"Bojan Kondres - The man who devised the sound identity of Radio 101 has been a guest in the movie industry for about ten years now. He has masterminded sound tracks of 'Mondo Bobo', 'Tranquilizer gun' and 'Red dust' movies, as well as some of the most ambitious sounds for documentaries (Bil Jedon)..."



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