References in 'Education, Sport and Health'

Zamet sports centre, Grad Rijeka, Rijeka

For the purpose of creating a suitable environment for the World Handball Championship, a sports hall was built in one of Rijeka's quarters, Zamet. It is a state of the art facility intended primarily to be used for handball... » more

e-Islands, Videoconference system, Akademska zajednica, Croatia

The remote learning system enables the merger of regional schools on islands with the main schools on the mainland or on other major islands, enabling regular and equal participation in the educational system... » more

City Garden Arena, Osijek, Ministarstvo prosvjete i športa, RH, Zagreb

During the construction of the Arena in Osijek, AVC contributed by providing the main PA system for the halls, the AV Digital PA system for the public areas, and by producing a central control room for the... » more

PA system and video cube, Dom sportova Zagreb, Zagreb

The old-fashioned, unsuitable and partially defunct PA systems in two of the venue's largest halls in Zagreb have been replaced with new digitally processed systems. In the main hall entrance area AVC has... » more

Audio/Video system, University of Zagreb – Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb

In the beginning of 2005, AVC installed multimedia equipment in two lecture halls and in the council chamber of the Faculty of Agriculture. The lecture halls are equipped with audio/video systems while... » more

Multimedia hall, Zagreb Public Health Institute, Zagreb

The data collected and analyzed by different services and departments of the Public Health Institute provides a quantity and quality perspective on the Croatian population’s health conditions, living... » more

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