AVC Zagreb Team

AVC consists of highly educated people with modern views of technology and its purpose. Our goal is to understand technology, to make it accessible and to put it in the service of man. For over 30 years AVC is active in the field of system integration of professional audio, video and broadcast systems, lighting systems, multimedia presentation systems and multimedia networks.

AVC is a company that specializes in design and installation of audio-video systems based on system integration. We are audio, video and network engineers, developers and project managers destined to provide you with a solution for your every need.

Our services involve system design, drafting of relative documentation, provision, delivery and installation of the equipment and long-term emergency or regular maintenance. Our projects are managed directly in coordination with the investor or the end user, or in collaboration with the architectural bureau and other contractors.

We acknowledge the relevancy of every detail. Our engineers strive to meet every requirement of our clients, considering all aspects of a possible solution by orienting on both the practical and the aesthetical factor. The equipment and the systems we use are those of the outmost respectable manufacturers in the field of professional audio, video, lighting and multimedia technology, whilst our knowledge is acquired through the processes of certification conducted by the manufacturers and through the many years of experience that are behind us. In close collaboration with the equipment manufacturers we are able to provide our clients with customized solutions for every application or with general solutions adjusted to the clients' specific needs.

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